Visit Cedar Hill invites you to LatinFest 2023!

LatinFest is an annual celebration of Latin culture and heritage held in the vibrant community of Cedar Hill. The festival brings together people of all backgrounds to immerse themselves in Latin America's rich and diverse traditions. With its colorful array of performances, activities, and delicious cuisine, LatinFest offers an unforgettable experience for attendees of all ages.


  • FREE ONLINE TICKETS: Tickets are not required, but if you reserve your FREE tickets for the event and check-in at LatinFest, you can enter into raffles for prizes for the first 4 hours of the event!  Prizes such as a free night at the Fairfield Inn, gift cards, Cedar Hill swag and so much more!
  • BEER, WINE & MORE FOOD FOR PURCHASELeave your coolers at home and enjoy beer and wine for sale by our own brewery and winery in Cedar Hill, as well as more food options this year.*


Whether it's learning about new businesses from the DFW area, trying new foods, or even onsite interviews with companies that are currently hiring, you will find lots of ways to learn new things at the Business and Food Expo.


Entertainment Image

🎶 Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to experience the ultimate tribute experience as we pay homage to three iconic superstars of Latin music: Santana, Shakira, and Pitbull! 🎶 

Prepare to be captivated by the infectious beats, mesmerizing dance moves, and powerhouse vocals that have shaped the global music scene. It's time to unleash your inner dancer, singer, and party animal, as we bring you an unforgettable night of hits, passion, and Latin flair! Let's get ready to move and groove to the magic of their music!

* Coolers and outside food / drink are prohibited inside the event.  Empty water bottles are permitted.

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