Dorba Trails

The Dorba trail was primarily created through the efforts of the Dallas Off Road Bicycle Association. They worked closely with Cedar Hill State Park management to help design and build this trail. Their efforts ended up returning a big dividend for off-road bicyclists as the trail is now considered one of the top mountain bike trails in the state.

Dorba has three loops: Short (3 Miles), Middle (8 Miles), and Outer (12 miles). The paths pass through wooded areas but are fairly open for much of their length. Having the sun beating down on you can make a warm summer hike considerable warmer - be sure to plan ahead and bring an adequate amount of water with you. The trail is what you might expect from a design made for mountain biking. There are plenty of twists, turns, and ups and downs. None of this is too strenuous but if you are looking for an easy, short hike you will be better off using one of the other three trails.

DorbaTrail Levels

The most important rule on the Dorba trail is that bikers travel in a clockwise direction and hikers travel counter-clockwise. When hiking, make sure you are attentive to watching and listening for approaching bicyclists. Their faster rate of travel, the many twists and turns of the trail, and the fact a biker cannot "hear" a walker all make it difficult for a rider to know there is a hiker ahead. On the other hand, if you are walking it is relatively easy for you to hear approaching riders - if you are paying attention. When you hear a bicyclist quickly find a place to stand, just off the trail, and allow the biker(s) to pass.

The trail consists of mostly dry hardpack with roots and some rocks. These trails are susceptible to rain and erosion, so if there’s even a sprinkle, closure is likely.

Watch the video below that was taken along the DORBA Trail to see how it looks.

Call Cedar Hill State Park (972-291-3900) or check the Cedar Hill State Park Facebook page for the status of the trail in advance