Emergency & Medical

Cedar Hill is a safe and clean community that is watched over and protected by a premier public safety team of police and fire personnel that are here to assist you should the need arise.

Emergency Situations

If you have a fire, police or health emergency, dial 911 for service. Tell the operator the nature of your emergency and your address and location. Stay on the line with the operator to help expedite assistance to you.

Non-Emergency Situations

For all non-emergency situations that still require assistance or a response from public service personnel, please dial the dispatch center at 972-223-6111 and an operator will document your call to initiate a response.

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Medical Centers & Pharmacies

If you have a non-life-threatening medical situation that requires attention, there are treatment centers and pharmacies located in and around Cedar Hill. All treatment centers are open 7 days and have an online or call-ahead check-in. Services provided include urgent care, family medicine, sports, and occupational medicine, and in most cases, providers will take insurance.

View emergency / medical centers and pharmacies in the area.