Cedar Hill Government Center

The Cedar Hill Government Center is a solid projection of the partnership culture that has nourished progress in the community. Completed in July 2008, it is the only facility in the country that was conceived from the beginning as a way to efficiently provide improved services by co-locating city, school district, and police offices under the same roof.

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The Government Center was achieved through a unique partnership between the city and Cedar Hill Independent School District. As two public service entities serving the same body of citizens, they share virtually the same boundaries, making the cooperation even more efficient.

Customer Service

The facility raises the bar for providing customer service by providing a single location where citizens can transact all their business with the city and the school district. This long-term relationship is expected to reap additional efficiencies benefiting taxpayers.

A One-of-a-Kind Structure

The Government Center is also unique in that its design incorporates local materials, regional themes, and even the surrounding landscape. It is a one-of-a-kind structure with dramatic elevations and soaring interior spaces. Geometric angles and gentle curves combine to give the interior an inspirational feel. 

A conscious effort was made to select Texas components for the building. Texas Rose limestone was chosen for the stone that faces the building and continues to the interior. Trim work includes cedar from trees removed at the site.

Office areas have been arranged to maximize natural light making the building more energy efficient. Exposed ceilings reflect the practical, efficient design theme. The soaring, 4-story lobby has been described as inspiring and functional without feeling austere. Many citizens have complimented the layout of the offices and the positive feeling of the building.


Conveniently located just a few blocks from the Hillside Village shopping area, the Government Center's streetscape compliments the urban design trend in the Uptown Boulevard area, and is the 'heart' of the City Center, symbolic of our unique character and signature partnership.