Things Unique to Cedar Hill

At 880 feet above sea level, Cedar Hill boasts the highest elevation between the Red River border with Oklahoma and the Gulf of Mexico, which makes for spectacular scenic outlooks and breathtaking views. Cedar Hill also has some very unique stops to take when planning your visit to our city.


As the locals say, "home is where the towers are".  The distinctive 14 towers perched high atop the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex and are visible for miles around and serve as a navigational landmark for aircraft pilots and on-road travelers as well.

Historic Citizens Bank Building

A historic building that once was a bank that was robbed by Raymond Hamilton, a sidekick of notorious bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde. 

Crawford’s Tornado Graveyard

A burial ground from a tornado in 1856 that has been recognized as the first integrated graveyard in Dallas County.

Cedar Hill Pet Memorial Park

A pet memorial park since the 1940s to local pets as some celebrity animal actors used on movie sets.

Electro-Magnetic Wave Contraption

A miniature version of the towers, this tower first served as a communication device for the fire stations, with the City Secretary having to yell out the addresses as the firefighters sprang into action.

Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center

Dogwood Canyon, formed by the rare convergence of two ecosystems, displays the rich natural beauty that proliferates in Cedar Hill. 

Cedar Hill Government Center

The Cedar Hill Government Center is a solid projection of the partnership culture that has nourished progress in the community.

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