Cedar Mountain Nature Preserve

Cedar Mountain Preserve

The Cedar Mountain Preserve is a special use park that offers visitors a variety of interesting features. Located adjacent to the Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center, this 110-acre preserve contains some of the highest elevations, approximately 700 feet above sea level, in Dallas County and features the uncommon convergence of limestone escarpment and blackland prairie.


This preserve, which protects plants and wildlife, has a short hiking trail that loops through the forest located between Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center and Cedar Hill State Park, which is known as Cedar Mountain Preserve. 

The convergence of these two distinct geological formations creates a habitat for plant and animal species usually found in east, west, and central Texas, creating a unique experience for visitors that cannot be found at any other preserve. This trail can be accessed from the FM 1382 concrete trail. It is for hikers only (no bicycles or motorized vehicles). More trail information is available here.


The Cedar Mountain Preserve offers a variety of amenities including parking at the Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center trailhead, a 0.3-mile paved trail, and a 0.7-mile natural trail that allows visitors to explore the area's varied and unique ecosystems.

Things to Note

Important: The Cedar Mountain Preserve is currently not maintained and a hiking trail does not connect to any trails at Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center or Cedar Hill State Park. Cedar Mountain Preserve is owned by Dallas County and is public property. Dogwood Canyon is private property owned by the National Audubon Society. Any flagging or signage directing you to Audubon's property from this trail is unauthorized (and creates a host of other problems) and following it will cause you to trespass, not only on Audubon's private property but potentially on private property owned by residential neighbors. Please respect our neighbors, our agreements with the county, and the homes of our wildlife by staying on the designated trail.

Note: While the Dogwood Canyon trails are closed, the gate is locked that allows access over the creek that runs between the Audubon center building and the trails. You will not be able to exit the trail system through the Dogwood Canyon property. Numerous visitors have become lost and/or injured in the forest by going off trail and following unauthorized flagging and/or signage. Please note that neither Audubon, nor the City of Cedar Hill, will ever post signs that will lead you to trespass on anyone's private property. You should exit the forest from the same location that you entered and avoid all flagging or stray trails.