Historic Cemeteries

Texas Historic Cemetery Designation

The Texas Historic Cemetery designation is awarded to a cemetery deemed worthy of recognition and preservation for its historical associations. The Texas Historical Commission (THC) developed the Historic Texas Cemetery designation to address the problems of destruction, neglect, and illegal removal of historic cemeteries.

Cemeteries so designated are afforded a measure of legal protection and become part of the recorded history of the state's built environment. Official recognition of these family and community landmarks highlights their importance and promotes respect and reverence that encourages the preservation of these unique resources.

The City of Cedar Hill has two historic cemeteries (PDF):

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Pleasant Valley Cemetery

Pleasant Valley Cemetery located at 5000 Texas Plume Road was originally owned by the Boydstun family who emigrated from Illinois in 1848. After the death of their son, Henry, they deeded the land for the purpose of establishing a cemetery, school, and church.

Designation as a Historic Texas Cemetery was granted by the Texas Historical Commission in 1994. The graveyard remains active and is maintained by a cemetery association. Many Cedar Hill area pioneers and their descendants are interred here. For information call 972-567-0802.

Crawford's Tornado Graveyard

Crawford's Tornado Graveyard is located at 700 North Cedar Hill Road near the intersection of Pioneer Trail. It was established in honor of the nine victims found and those never found after a violent tornado ripped through the town in 1856, a storm so intense that it nearly destroyed the entire community. Designation as a historic cemetery was granted by the Texas Historical Commission in 2006.