Cedar Hill Museum of History

Cedar Hill Museum of History

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History Comes Alive at the Museum

The Cedar Hill Museum of History is a place for you to learn, discover, imagine, explore, engage, and celebrate the history that is Cedar Hill. 


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  • The largest fossil creature (PNG) ever found in Dallas County, a 50-foot long swimming sea lizard named Plesiosaurus morgani
  • An 1856 tornado (PDF) that claimed at least nine lives and is said to have destroyed all but two buildings in the town
  • The arrival of the railroad in 1882
  • The 1932 First State Bank robbery by Raymond Hamilton, a sidekick of notorious bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde
  • Oakhaven Farms (JPG), one of the largest mail-order worm farms in the U.S.
  • The "towers," the highest concentration of radio and television communication antennas in the country
  • Dogwood Canyon, home to three species of the rare Hexalectris orchid
  • Joe Pool Lake and the stranded equipment buried below the water
  • Country Day on the Hill and the Old Settlers' Reunion, a Cedar Hill tradition for over 80 years.

Making This Hill Our Home

Cedar Hill, first known as the "cedar brakes", was founded around 1846 by a small group of settlers from the Peters Colony. They traveled to the Dallas area of North Texas on horseback and by ox-drawn wagon following trails beaten into existence by Native Americans, buffalo, and explorers. They came seeking a place to build their homes, to socialize, worship, and conduct business.

Attracted to the area by its lush natural beauty, the elevation and rocky slopes provided settlers a panoramic lookout and protection from intruders. The area also offered dense forests, rich Blackland soil, abundant creeks and streams, and opportunity.

Our forefathers turned this rugged territory into the thriving city it is today through hard work, ingenuity, foresight, and sheer determination - a city steeped in family values, tradition and rich in history.

History of Cedar Hill, TexasTake the History Home

Published in 2001, proceeds from sales of this comprehensive historic account of Cedar Hill from its earliest beginnings to the millennium benefit the Cedar Hill Museum. Books are available at the library or the museum's home located at 409 Texas Street.

Cost: $65

Share Your History

How does the museum's collection grow? The great majority of the museum's collection has come to us through the generosity and foresight of people who want to see the story of Cedar Hill and its people preserved.

If you have items of local or regional historical significance that you would like to donate to the museum, please call 972-293-3806 during normal business hours.

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There has never been a more exciting time to become a member (PDF) of the Cedar Hill Museum of History. We have interesting artifacts and exhibits, oral histories, and a wide variety of membership benefits to enthrall history lovers of all ages. Rediscover Cedar Hill's history and join our membership family today.

The Cedar Hill Museum of History board meets on the second Monday of each month at 6:30pm. All members and visitors are welcome to attend.