Planning Department

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The mission of the Planning Department is to facilitate the physical growth and development of the City in a sustainable manner that reflects its unique and vibrant character. To accomplish this, we manage long-range plans that reflects the needs and desires of the community, develop ordinances and policies that effectively implement these plans, and thoroughly process and review land development proposals and applications. We work closely with land developers and builders to ensure compliance with all City codes, ordinances, and policies. In doing so, we help to establish safe and attractive residential neighborhoods and businesses.

  1. Articles of Interest
  1. Baltimore Anti-Discrimination Bill a 'Half-Measure'

    Baltimore's City Council has banned source-of-income housing discrimination, but the bill leaves landlords a way out.

  2. Shifting Priorities to Solve a Transportation Infrastructure Deficit

    The Colorado Department of Transportation is announcing a public listening tour to prepare for a new ten-year strategic plan, called "Your Transportation Plan." Public transit and a new regional approach are already talking points.

  3. Infographic: Where Vision Zero Is Making a Difference

    Streetsblog has created a graph to track the progress of Vision Zero cities in reducing traffic fatalities.

  4. U.S. Postal Service Now Testing Self-Driving Trucks to Deliver the Mail

    The U.S. Postal Service is looking for ways to cut costs while also covering for a shortage of drivers. You can probably guess where this is headed.