Park Special Services & Recycling

  1. Lightning Prediction System
  2.  BigBelly Recycling
The Parks and Recreation Department has installed the Thor Guard Lightening Prediction System in several parks in Cedar Hill. Each device is designed to predict lightning in the area BEFORE lightning strikes, allowing decisions regarding dangerous situations to be proactive, not reactive. The system works in the following way:

  • Indicates that lightning is probable.
  • Sends out 15 second horn blast to warn patrons.
  • Provides 8-12 minute warning patrons to seek shelter in the closest safe zone (concession stands, bathrooms, cars, etc.)
  • When weather is clear, 3 short horn blast are made to notify the surrounding area. 
The following parks are currently equipped with Thor Guard System:
  • Community Center Park
  • Crawford Park
  • Dot Thomas Park
  • Valley Ridge Park
  • Virginia Weaver Park
If you are a patron in one of the parks above, and hear the 15 second warning blast alerting you of approaching dangerous weather, please take immediate cover in the closest safe zone until further directed.